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  Seoul's city government is asking people for help to correct poorly translated street signs - with prizes on offer for those who spot the most errors.


  It's running a two-week campaign calling on Koreans and foreigners alike to keep their eyes peeled for mistakes in English, Japanese and Chinese text, the Korea Times reports. There's a particular focus on public transport signs, maps and information signs at historic sites, as part of a drive to improve the experience of foreign tourists in the South Korean capital. Anyone spotting a confusing or incorrect translation is being asked to snap a photo and report the details via email.


  English translations on the menu of Korean restaurants are much worse. The popular Korean dish, “seafood and green onion pancake (haemool pajeon)” is not safe from Konglish either: one menu calls the pancake a “marine products green onion pancake.” Another dish called “cocktail of pan-fried food (modeum pajeon)” should simply be translated to, “assorted seafood and green onion pancake.”


  Perhaps one of the funniest translations is “mountain not yet the pebble pot boiled rice with assorted mixtures (sanchae dolsot bibimbab),” which should be “assorted mountain vegetables and rice mixed in a hot pot.”


  There are funny Konglish translations of items other than food, too. For example, when someone vomits, Koreans say, “He is overeating,” confusing vomiting with overeating. During sports games, Koreans cheer their team on by shouting, “Fighting!” when native speakers of English would holler, “Go team, go!”

  除了食品,其他物品的韩式英语翻译也很搞笑。例如,当某个人呕吐的时候,韩国人会说,“他吃多了”,他们把呕吐和暴饮暴食混淆了。在体育比赛中,韩国人为队伍加油的时候会喊,“Fighting!(去战斗吧!)”,而英国本地人会喊,“Go team, go!(大家加油!)”

  While Seoul is trying to adopt more visitor-friendly signage, its own tourism campaigns have run into language troubles in the past. Last year, "I.Seoul.U" was chosen as a slogan to promote the city internationally, and was promptly mocked for making little sense in English.


  The slogan will replace "Hi Seoul". Even before the vote, many people raised concerns that "I.Seoul.U" doesn't make much sense in English, with some calling it "Konglish" - the Korean practice of adopting English words in a way that English speakers often cannot understand. "


  As an added incentive, the government is stumping up 1.6m won ($1,430; £1,100) in gift vouchers, with the top error-spotter getting an "award of excellence" and a 200,000 won voucher ($180; £140).


  At the central library of a first-rate university in Korea, one can find an awkward stipulation at the entrance: “You can possess writing tackles, books, laptop and the bag which one side size maximum 22cm.” The sign probably means: “You can bring into the library writing utensils, books, laptops and bags which do not exceed 22 centimeters in size.”



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